Columbus, Indiana is home to the new Infotech Park. Explore the website to find out more about this new expansion in innovation and technology and see what Columbus, Indiana can do for your business.

The Infotech Park is a sixty-seven acre project with a high-technology infrastructure. This campus-like setting is being offered to an array of companies involved in the IT business.

Indusites, Inc., a consortium of local businesses, in partnership with the city of Columbus and the Board of Aviation Commissioners of the Columbus Regional Airport developed and built Infotech Park.

The purpose of the Infotech Park is to create a state-of-the-art environment for technology-oriented companies to build or lease facilities in which to locate their organizations. The Infotech Park will offer fiber optic and high speed wireless access.

How can Infotech Park benefit your business?

Currently comprised of several lots, some of which are filled, we suggest you stake your claim and grow with us.

Certified Technology Parks are designed to encourage partnerships among communities, businesses and colleges/universities to promote new technology growth and encourage business clustering. The designation of a Certified Technology Park allows local government to reinvest incremental retail and income taxes generated in the park back into the area that will then support infrastructure improvements, acquisition, demolition, construction and other public improvements within the park.

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